About Me

To the lover of wilderness,
Alaska is one of the most wondrous place on earth.


Marilyn Jeffers

“All good things are wild and free.” –Henry David Thoreau

I was born and raised in Alaska. Appreciation for the beauty of this land has always been a part of who I am. The unique and wondrous landscapes are where I draw my inspiration for the creation of art both myself and my client’s can treasure. Photography has allowed me to blend the technical side of my brain with the artistic, in a way that drawing and painting never could. It has fulfilled my soul’s desire to create, in a way that can satisfy my desire for a curated rawness that is inspired by my surroundings.

I am a mother to 4 precious boys, who are my everything. As I journeyed into the world of photography, it was always with the quest of giving parents precious memories that can be treasured always. My passion is creating emotive portraiture that captures love, joy, and the simplicity of life.